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More details about Mike Chang Afterburn Fuel

Hey guys!

We’re glad to catch some screenshots with more details about Mike Chang’s latest Afterburn Fuel release.

Ever wondered what makes Mike Chang Afterburn Fuel so different (and special) from most retail pre-workout supplements? Perhaps you want to know how it’s formulated or importantly the product quality.

Well here are the answers folks! There are five key points concerning “What Makes Afterburn Fuel Special as a pre-workout supplement?”

In case you wanted to read it for yourself, here is a special screenshot of some conversions going about Afterburn Fuel:




For the Afterburn Fuel Content tl;dr:

1. Afterburn Fuel is unique in that it DOES NOT simply load you up with insane amount of caffeine INSTEAD it uses high quality ingredients that boost energy to give you more focused, ‘cleaner’ energy that won’t cause sleepless nights or jitty feeling.

“The main ingredients in Afterburn Fuels energy matrix blend are N-Methyltyramine and Citrulline Malate.”

Perfect for training hard with the right state of mind.

2. Mike Chang has really up the ante with Afterburn Fuel, using premium ingredients that help create strong strong muscles…read more about it bellow. Stuff that most pre-workout supplement don’t use

3. Contains a BETTER form of Creatine! That’s right, Mike Chang Afterburn Fuel has decided to only integrate COP (Creationol-O-Phosphate) which helps your body absorb the supplement better.

4. How perhaps one of the driving factor behind the quality is that Mike Chang formulated this himself! It wasn’t developed by some big corporation that rebrands a bunch of the same product. Afterburn was uniquely designed to deliver RESULTS. It was originally intended for Mike’s personal use.

5. Afterburn Fuel provides supportive workout guides to help you on your way…what most pre-workout supplements are missing. You already know the quality of workout Mike Chang produces.

Another email from Mike Chang Afterburn fuel:

By the way, towarn you all that from the last update it seems there are less than 2700 bottles of Afterburn Fuel! Mike only prepared 10 000 bottles for this discounted launch…he’s trying to get more from his product supplier promptly although as mentioned prior it can take some time before this happens.